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Foxy LadyWelcome to my site, I hope you will find information to amuse, entertain and maybe enlighten you and I hope you will return often, since the content is always being updated.

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Site Readership

The Readership of FoxyLadyNews is primarily comprised of individuals wishing to make a little extra cash online either by the membership and promotion of paid for action/read/click sites, by promotion and sale of their hobbies and creative items or by the sale of products and services in support of these interests.

The Readership also enjoy opportunities to view unusual (within the boundaries stated below)gifting and homeware items, art, fragrance and designer clothing and accessories.

Advertisements should be in English to be read and understood by the Readership. There is a small percentage who read French, German, Italian and Spanish but it is recommended that the best return on your advertising cash would be to create your advertisement copy in English.

If the Readership trends appear to change they will be advised here so it would be helpful to refer to this section before placing your advertising material to ensure that it is likely to be acted upon by the Readership.

Acceptance of Copy

Although the target Readership is over the age of 18 years, many of the Readership access the site whilst children and grandchildren are present and for this reason advertisements of an adult nature of those promoting goods and services such as gambling and pharmaceutical products will not be accepted at FoxyLadyNews.

FoxyLadyNews reserves the right to refuse any advertising material which is not conducive to the brand of the site.

You will be asked to proof read the advertisement before it goes live.

The target destination of all advertisements is checked upon receipt and at times during the life of the advertisement. It is strictly prohibited to redirect or in any way change the nature of the advertising which has been accepted at FoxyLadyNews. Any advertising material found to have been altered in this way will be removed immediately without refund of charges.

FoxyLadyNews reserves the right to make changes to these conditions without prior notice if the necessity should arise.

Proof Reading and Changes to Advertisements

When you have paid for your advertisement and it has been accepted you will be invited to view the advertisement in situ and proof read to advertisement, ensuring that no mistake has been made nor oversight by yourself.

If your trading conditions change within the life time of an advertisement with a run of four weeks or longer, for example an unexpected sale, it is permitted to send in a replacement banner with the prescribed size range and/or replacement copy.

Advertisements will be updated on a maximum of two occasions without further charge, thereafter a small charge for alterations will apply.


If you do not have a banner and would like one created for you, please detail your requirements to advertise@foxyladynews.co.uk and Sherry Lynn will be happy provide a quote to create your banner.

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FoxyLadyNews is owned and operated by Sheila Tomkinson, Kent, United Kingdom: Email Contact: info@foxyladynews.co.uk

Excepting images all content of Foxyladynews is copyright of the owner and may not be reproduced in any form without prior consent of the owner. Images by Sherry Lynn. Source of all other images used on site may be seen by accessing the Image Sources link

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